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Vince & Anecia's Same Day Edit | 2nd Mile Productions

Vince & Anecia's Same Day Edit

4 Comments Posted to "Vince & Anecia's Same Day Edit"

Lisa Bell said:

Dear Vince and Anecia,
How beautiful you both are (I can see that your beauty applies inside as well as outward looks)
I have yet to meet you in person and appreciate viewing the wonderful video of your special ceremonies. Absolutely beautiful!
May God Bless your life together.
Lisa Bell

Ted said:

What can I say other than you guys rock! With the busyness of the day, you guys really put together an awesome show, and we had a blast working with you. I'm hoping we'll see each other soon!

Kimberly Lehman said:

This is just a wonderful video! I cried through it, again! The first time was at the wedding. Vince and Anecia are a very special couple, and blessed to have each other. I hope they have a very happy life together.

Brian and Susy, fantastic job! It was a pleasure to work with you!

Kimberly Lehman
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Jeannie said:

Anecia you look absolutely stunning!!! What a wonderful video. I'm so sorry I had to miss your and Vince's big day, but I hope you are currently relaxing and enjoying your life as newlyweds on your honeymoon. CONGRATULATIONS!!