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Jason Presley

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Kelli Winer said:

I grew up with Danielle and am actually teaching a child development class right now in a high school in Wabash Indidana. They are actually doing quite work and I was messing around on the internet and came across this video Danielle had told me to find.
What an opportunity this gave me...I called all the girls up to the computer and showed it to them. There were tears by quite a few of them and it struck up conversation about teen drinking. What a difference this is going to make.

Kari Daly said:

I am glad that I just took a moment to reflect on your powerful message. My heart goes out to Danielle and all loved ones affected by this sad loss. If I can offer just a little peace by my actions than I would love to share: Chad and I have planned our wedding based on this need for a safe place for our guests. We've arranged to rent out our venue so guests can just walk down the hall and more easily afford the rooms at a discounted rate. I have also read the suggestions posted on the above link, and plan to have our DJ make announcements about the free shuttle that runs to an area hotel, in case guests don't want to stay at Walden. I truly think this is something to consider to help EVERYONE out there. Thank you for sending out the message, and my thoughts are with you and Danielle.

Missy said:

I did not know Jason personally, but I went to school with Danielle and knew her through Brian and Susy. When Jason died I remember Susy telling me about the profound impact that his death had on the community, the church, his workplace, and everyone whose life crossed paths with his. They always told me what a magnetic, vibrant, and kind person he was. Weddings are the happiest days of your life, surrounded by family and friends, celebrating. So please protect your loved ones (and others that you may never meet) from harm if you plan to serve alcohol at your wedding celebration. Please make arrangements for your guests.

James Nisly said:

Hey Susy, I think it's really great that you are taking the initiative to do something like this; I wish you guys all the success in the world in this. I never got a chance to meet Jason, but from what I have been told, I'm sure he is sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Danielle.

Erin said:

I send my thoughts and prayers with Danielle. I will be sure my guests are accomodated. Thank you for helping all of us remember reality.

Suzi said:

Though I never knew him, "remembering Jason" is something I will do for the rest of my life. While preparing for our wedding, Matt and I were fully aware that some of our guests would be drinking (and some probably too much). I must admit that initially we questioned whether or not we should provide alternative transportation for our guests. We were already way over our budget and one more expense wasn't something we wanted to think about...until someone simply said, "the cost of a life is far greater than the cost of a taxi." She didn't even have to finish her statement when Matt and I realized this was something we HAD to do. We contacted a local taxi company and all of our wedding guests were transported safely back to the hotels that night and no one was hurt because of them. We would have provided 1000 taxis the night Jason Presley was killed...or at least one that would have saved him...please do the same.

Becky said:

Hi Brian and Susy-
I wanted to let you guys know that Nick and I watched Danielle and Jason's video together and it touched us both. We have decided that in lieu of a limo, we will provide a shuttle bus for our guests. Our wedding isn't until the end of December, but our friends have already begun thanking us for providing sober transportation.

Meghan Olmstead said:

Count me in for $10. This is a very important cause!

Nicole Willaman said:

Hi Brian & Susy. This issue is very concerning to us and something we have considered thoroughly even though our wedding is still 10 months away. The thought of our nearest family & friends drinking while enjoying our special day and then risking their lives and those of others is unacceptable. It's completely irresponsible to provide limitless quantities of alcohol, only to turn our guests loose. This is a major reason for our chosen venue being at a hotel. We will also reserve extra rooms for guests who drank more than they initially intended. In addition, we will make sure the door man is available to hail taxis for those guests attempting to leave for their own vehicles. Good luck to you in this very worthy project, and I'm confident this will make other brides aware that these measures are absolutely necessary.

Susy Morris said:

We have had several brides that have made choices to protect their guests and haven't commented here, but we have still donated money in their honor. A couple weeks ago Allyson & Dustin had a taxi waiting outside all night. We also had a couple that chose to not serve alcohol at their reception. We really appreciate everyone that has taken the time to make a comment. Hopefully more brides will take action. Let us know what you have done to keep your guests safe and we'll donate in your honor.

Jennifer and Jeremy Kowalczyk said:

We know that the date of Danielle's walk has passed, but we still felt compelled to share the arrangements we made so that others might read this blog and make the same choice we did.

We were married October 27 in Akron and were lucky enough to have Brian and Susy on hand to capture the day. In the early stages of our wedding planning process, we had discussed providing alternative transportation options for guests leaving our reception. As the date drew nearer and the planning intensified, we had allowed this important detail to slip lower on the "to do" list... until we read Jason and Danielle's heart-wrenching story here.

Immediately, we contacted our reception venue to discuss arrangements. The planner there suggested that we contact City Yellow Cab. We were able to secure an eight passenger van for five hours for less than $300, including gratuity and taxes. It was the best $300 we spent... the van made seven trips to hotels and residences in the area. Everyone was able to enjoy peace of mind that evening! Please consider making alternative transportation arrangements for your guests... we all will thank you!!!

God bless Danielle and all who knew and loved Jason. May you all continue to honor his memory by advocating for this important cause!

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