Dan & Valerie's Same Day Edit

We have really been blessed recently with wonderful couples that have great families. It is truly a pleasure to capture the timeless memories of a wedding day for people who appreciate all the hard work that goes into pulling off a Same Day Edit.

When Terry Horner asked Valerie what she was most excited about on her wedding day, her reply... "Wendy's!". That's when you know it is going to be a fun day!

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Jackie Markham said:

What an amazing day for you both. My favorite thing is you both smile alot and it shows your happiness.

God Bless!

anita said:

such a beautiful day thanks for letting terry and me share it with you i know you will be so happy

Emily Goldsmith said:

Val I am so happy for you. You looked beautiful but then again I don't ever remember you anything but that. May you live happily ever after, your fairy tale wedding was a sure good start congratulations!

Tricia Dever said:

LOVE it....of course I do! What an amazing day...Neil Leeson, Terry Horner, Brookside....YOU, and a very beautiful and happy couple, doesn't get much better!

Kristy "Sissy" Sampson said:

I'm so glad I still got to be a part of this. Yes, I cried. Love you both.

Nikki K. said:

Beautiful video! So glad to see parts of your day!! And of course brought tears to my eyes!!!! Congrats Stanley's!!!!